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Respiratory rehabilitation

"Early prevention and early treatment can cure "and" the disease needs long-term management "

Respiratory rehabilitation training provides an integrated innovative solution from healthy lifestyle and disease prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care according to the characteristics of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: "early prevention and early treatment can be cured" and "long-term management is needed", covering the whole process management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, including intelligent health assessment, general practice screening and diagnosis, intervention management, and comprehensive home care. Through the intelligent client based on the Internet of Things to access the COPD monitoring system, home users and community patients can obtain relevant physiological parameters with the help of intelligent respiratory system monitoring equipment, and complete the two-way transmission of relevant physiological data, control data and diagnosis results, and treatment plans with the treatment terminal.

Data: establish electronic patient respiratory file and multiple applications of data

Platform: data cloud management and supporting the implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment of respiratory medicine consortium

Portable: portable pulmonary function tester, which is conducive to bedside detection in grass-roots screening hospitals

Intelligence: professional medical modeling, intelligent evaluation of detection results, and improvement of detection efficiency

Precision: differential pressure sensor, providing medical level test report


Intelligent device enabling

Monitoring and Analysis System for 6-minute Walking Test


6-minute walk testThe monitoring and analysis system is based on the Six minute Walk Test Guide (ATS 2002) A new generation of intelligent 6-minute walk test equipment independently developed and produced. Intelligent voice navigation guides medical staff and patients to complete 6 Minute walk test, real-time monitoring of patients ECG blood pressure Respiratory rate Pulse oxygen saturation Moving distance Motion Steps utomatically analyze patientRespiratory status , fatigue, real-time monitoring and analysis of blood pressure, blood oxygen, ECG through the latest sensor technology, evaluation of patients; exercise tolerance, so as to obtain the current physical condition and rehabilitation effect of patients, and formulate exercise prescriptions.

Intelligent device enabling


Intelligent breathing training system

Respiratory rehabilitation, respiratory muscle training, respiratory training


Body area awareness system

Sleep breathing screening instrument

Body area awareness system

Pulse oximeter

Body area awareness system

Household oxygen generator

Long term treatment system

Mesh atomizer

Long term treatment system