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Intelligent body fat scal

Dynamic vital sign parameter monitor

The intelligent body fat scale has the function of weighing body weight and measuring body fat using the BIA bioelectricity fat measuring principle. It can measure and measure 20 body data according to relevant algorithms: body weight, BMI, body fat rate, moisture rate, muscle rate, bone mass, metabolism, protein rate, visceral fat index, subcutaneous fat rate, body age, standard weight, weight control volume, fat volume, fat free weight, muscle volume, protein volume, and obesity level.

The intelligent body fat scale adopts Q type sensor, symmetrical four electrodes for measurement, LED intuitively displays the measurement results, has Bluetooth communication function, and can wirelessly upload the measurement data to the data acquisition terminal.

main features

Material: stainless steel electrode+tempered glass+ABS

Display: 74 * 28mm and above backlight LCD;

Power supply: 2 * AAA

Connection: Bluetooth 4.0

Product size range: above 300 * 300 * 18mm;

Product net weight: above 1.4kg

Weighing range: Max: 180kg/Min: 5kg;

Graduation value 100g