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Internet of Things sphygmomanometer

Internet of Things sphygmomanometer

Wireless transmission: GPRS, Bluetooth and Nbiot wireless transmission are optional. Users can share measurement data with doctors to provide assistance for telemedicine and smart medicine.

Dual user design: 50 sets of measurement data storage for each dual user, so as to enable blood pressure management.

Live voice reading prompt: voice prompt throughout the whole process, and automatically read the measurement results.

Wide screen display: wide screen orange backlight LCD display, synchronous display of blood pressure pulse holding wave, more considerate only for ease of use. Durable power supply: large capacity lithium battery, which can be continuously measured for more than 200 times, making use of it more environmentally friendly.

Measuring range: pressure: (0~299) mmHg [(0-399) kPa]

※ Pulse rate: 30 times/min - 199 times/min

※ Measurement accuracy: pressure: within ± 3mmHg (± 0.4kPa) Pulse rate: within ± 5%

※ Storage capacity: it can store 50 groups of power for each of two users: lithium battery (DC3.7V)

※ Operating temperature and humidity: 5 '℃~40 ℃, 15% RH~80%

※ Operating atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kP

※ Overall dimension: 148mm (t length) × 104mm wide × 67mm high

※ Host weight: about 0.33kg Applicable arm circumference range: 15cm-42cm