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Cardiac rehabilitation

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The cardiac rehabilitation information management system adopts advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, which can master the whole process of patients' rehabilitation data from Phase I to Phase III cardiac rehabilitation, from bedside to home, covering the whole process of patients' cardiac rehabilitation. The cardiac rehabilitation management system, combined with rehabilitation equipment, can realize the electronization of rehabilitation data and the standardization of rehabilitation process. Realize patient information management, rehabilitation evaluation, rehabilitation treatment plan, patient data analysis and tracking and other functions, assist doctors to formulate and implement personalized rehabilitation treatment plans, and promote patient rehabilitation.

Evaluation equipment: exercise ECG monitoring system, cardiopulmonary exercise test, 6-minute walk test, body composition analyzer, respiratory muscle function evaluation and training instrument.

Aerobic equipment: aerobic sports equipment (powered bicycle, treadmill, elliptical machine or rowing machine, etc.), resistance equipment (resistance equipment for upper and lower limbs)

First aid equipment: defibrillator

Main hardware of monitoring and analysis system for 6-minute walk test


Covering the whole process of patient management from Phase I to Phase III

The multi-dimensional evaluation scale automatically calculates scores and gives conclusions

Support domestic and international clinical guidelines to assist in the development of rehabilitation programs

Linkage management with equipment to improve rehabilitation efficiency

Remote IoT monitoring helps family cardiac rehabilitation

Intelligent data mining and analysis, forming standardized scientific reports


Intelligent device enabling

Monitoring and Analysis System for 6-minute Walking Test


6-minute walk testThe monitoring and analysis system is based on the Six minute Walk Test Guide (ATS 2002) A new generation of intelligent 6-minute walk test equipment independently developed and produced. Intelligent voice navigation guides medical staff and patients to complete 6 Minute walk test, real-time monitoring of patients'ECGblood pressureRespiratory ratePulse oxygen saturation Moving distanceMotion Stepsutomatically analyze patientRespiratory status , fatigue, real-time monitoring and analysis of blood pressure, blood oxygen, ECG through the latest sensor technology, evaluation of patients' exercise tolerance, so as to obtain the current physical condition and rehabilitation effect of patients, and formulate exercise prescriptions.

General department wall hanging diagnosis and treatment system

General department wall hanging diagnosis and treatment system

Enabling general practice diagnosis and treatment service scenarios, lung function detection, evaluation and intervention

Body composition analyzer

Body composition analyzer

Evaluation equipment