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Exercise cardiopulmonary function testing system


The cardiopulmonary function test system is mainly used for cardiopulmonary exercise test analysis. The system has accurate respiratory gas analysis module, exercise unit (treadmill and treadmill) and software automatic analysis system, which can automatically process, analyze, comprehensively compare and output data. In order to standardize the operation of CPET, a standardized calibration system and operation quality control process must be established. Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET, Accurately measure the abnormal gas metabolism of external respiration and internal respiration under exercise.

※ Respiratory metabolism

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※ Power car, treadmill, ECG, SPO, blood pressure

※ Peripheral trolley

Exercise cardiopulmonary function testing system


Product function and purpose

※ Static pulmonary function test;

※ Exercise cardiopulmonary function test;

※ 12 lead ECG measurement and analysis of rest and exercise;

※ Measurement and monitoring of exercise blood pressure;

※ Measurement and monitoring of exercise blood oxygen saturation;

※ Breath by Breath method;

※ Analysis of measured data of inhaled/exhaled oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations;

※ Flow rate capacity ring and carbon dioxide curve reporting function;

※ Measurement and analysis of basic nutrient metabolism;