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Dynamic vital sign parameter monitor

Dynamic vital sign parameter monitor

The dynamic vital sign parameter monitor is suitable for non-invasive monitoring of dynamic electrocardiogram, dynamic blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The product is applicable to hospitals and various medical institutions, but not for patient monitoring (no alarm function); Suitable for adults.

main features

USB port high-speed transmission

12 lead ECG, blood pressure data and blood oxygen data (optional) shall be collected synchronously for at least 24 hours;

Comprehensive analysis of ECG and blood pressure


Display and print the ECG waveform at any time during the acquisition process;

Multi lead superposition analysis, any lead can be selected to participate in the analysis, making QRS wave search more accurate;

With histogram analysis function, interval, interval ratio, voltage, QRS width, QRS area and heart rate histogram can be selected;

With the function of scatter plot analysis, density type and mixed type scatter plots can be selected;

The atrial fibrillation analysis function combines the time scatter plot and Lorentz scatter plot to visually display the atrial fibrillation event position Set to facilitate positioning diagnosis;

blood pressure

The equipment has the function of 24-hour automatic circulation blood pressure measurement and measurement interval setting;

It has the function of blood pressure data review and printing report;

Systolic blood pressure, mean blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure were measured;

Blood oxygen (optional)

The device measures blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate;

Blood oxygen trend chart review and printing function;