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Exercise treadmill test analysis system (exercise load ECG test system)


The exercise treadmill test analysis system is applied to the ECG exercise test. The exercise load test analysis system host integrates the exercise load ECG, exercise blood pressure and other intelligent devices, and is equipped with a special running platform to dynamically collect the electrophysiological data of patients during exercise on the running platform. Exercise treadmill test is a test method that can induce myocardial ischemia by increasing the heart load through exercise, so that ischemic ECG changes can occur. It is used for the diagnosis, differential diagnosis and prognosis evaluation of coronary heart disease. For suspected coronary heart disease and evaluating the severity of coronary heart disease, TET is the most easily accepted and relatively inexpensive diagnostic scheme, and is the first choice of stress test for coronary heart disease patients.


Analysis system of treadmill test

Main configuration:

Mainframe trolley, treadmill test analysis system, exercise load ECG, exercise blood pressure, treadmill


Functional features

Real 12 lead synchronous acquisition and analysis, recording and saving ECG data throughout the process; QRS complex recognition accuracy is high, and ECG waveform can be printed in real time during acquisition锛?/p>

Advanced and original anti aliasing technology of screen waveform display is adopted to make screen waveform display more real and ECG waveform details more prominent;

Anti interference technology is adopted to ensure the stability of baseline and reduce the influence of EMG interference, baseline drift and power frequency interference on ECG waveform;

According to the test data, intelligent prescription assistance and intelligent evaluation functions can be realized;

Events can be marked during exercise, and the marked event ECG waveform can be used to compare with the current ECG waveform. Events can be viewed, edited and printed after movement;

Display and print various trend charts, mainly including: heart rate (HR), blood pressure (BP), metabolic equivalent (METS), myocardial oxygen consumption (HR * BP), exercise trend, ST segment level/change/slope/3D/J level, ST/HR, etc.

It has the dynamic review function after the movement, which can dynamically reproduce the whole process of the movement test. During the review process, it can accelerate, decelerate, pause and jump the playback speed;