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ecg machine

Dynamic vital sign parameter monitor

ECG1200G 12 channel electrocardiograph is a kind of electrocardiograph that realizes synchronous acquisition of 12 lead ECG signals and uses thermal array to print ECG waveforms. It has the following main functions: recording and displaying ECG waveforms manually/automatically; Automatic measurement and diagnosis of ECG waveform parameters; It can prompt electrode falling off and paper shortage; Multiple interface languages can be switched; AC/DC dual-use power supply mode; Rhythmic lead can be selected, and PR interval trend chart and histogram can be printed, so as to observe abnormal heart rhythm; Medical record database management; It supports functions such as key and touch operation.

Product function:

◆ 12 lead synchronous acquisition. Through power frequency filtering, baseline filtering and EMG filtering of ECG signals, 24 bit sampling accuracy can obtain higher quality ECG spectrum.

◆ It can display 3, 6 and 12 lead ECG waveforms, as well as print mode, sensitivity, paper speed, filter status and other information on the same screen to facilitate comparative diagnosis.

◆ Including 12 × 1、6 × 2+1 (rhythm lead), 6 × 2、3 × 4+2 (rhythm lead), 12 lines of rhythm, 10 lines of rhythm, 8 lines of rhythm, 6 lines of rhythm, manual and other printing modes and formats can be used to print RR interval trend chart and histogram, the length of printed waveform can be adjusted, and the timing printing function can be provided to meet different application needs.

◆ Various paper speeds are provided, including 5 mm/s, 6.25 mm/s, 10 mm/s, 12.5 mm/s, 25 mm/s, and 50 mm/s.

◆ It has the function of automatic analysis and diagnosis of routine ECG parameters, providing measurement parameters and automatic diagnosis conclusions such as heart rate, P-R interval, P-wave time limit, QRS wave group time limit, Q-T interval, Q-Tc, P-axis, QRS axis, T-axis, R (V5) amplitude, S (V1) amplitude, R (V5)+S (V1) amplitude, and reducing the workload of doctors.

◆ Built in large capacity memory, convenient for doctors to review medical records and statistical information.

◆ It has multi language operation interfaces in simplified Chinese, English, Turkish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Kazakh and other languages, and can print out reports in the above languages.

◆ Under the best DC state, it can stand by for 10 hours, and the continuous printing time is not less than 3 hours, meeting the needs of home visits and physical examination.