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Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation solutions

The integrated solution in and out of the cardio pulmonary rehabilitation hospital can realize the whole process management of patients from evaluation to rehabilitation training in the hospital, provide patients with intervention programs based on evidence-based medicine and high-quality software programs outside the hospital, quantitatively evaluate the rehabilitation effect, improve the rehabilitation environment, and finally solve many problems such as poor compliance of patients with cardio pulmonary diseases, long-term follow-up and remote guidance and treatment that have been faced by post diagnosis management, Based on the actual clinical needs of cardio pulmonary rehabilitation, this scheme uses the Internet of Things, intelligent information technology, AI big data analysis algorithm, and medical wearable devices to build an integrated cardio pulmonary rehabilitation information management system based on the Internet of Things technology that meets the use scenarios inside and outside the hospital, conforms to the clinical technical standards, and integrates the clinical rehabilitation path with digital drive.


Digital cardiopulmonary rehabilitation in hospital

 Intelligent evaluation, intelligent prescription, intelligent rehabilitation training, intelligent monitoring


Full process management of specialized treatment

This scheme can realize the whole process management of cardio pulmonary rehabilitation. Combining the actual needs of cardio pulmonary rehabilitation, it integrates all links of cardio pulmonary rehabilitation treatment that are scattered in the existing clinic and have not formed a comprehensive system into a complete digital clinical path, including outpatient rehabilitation and inpatient rehabilitation.

Full coverage of accompanying monitoring in smart ward

The cardio pulmonary rehabilitation informatization solution can build an intelligent monitoring ward based on the Internet of Things, and achieve full coverage of accompanying monitoring in the ward. With WIFI, NFC, Bluetooth and other wireless ad hoc network transmission methods, patients can wear devices normally, and can upload data in real time anywhere in the ward, so as to achieve 24-hour non-stop full coverage monitoring in the ward, provide more comprehensive protection for patients, and increase the safety of patients during hospitalization, Reduce the clinical workload to a large extent, and change the passive service mode to the active mode.

Hospital Family Complex Cardiac Rehabilitation Center (CHBCR)

center guided home-based cardiac rehabilitation Refer to the Chinese Expert Consensus on Hospital led Home Cardiac Rehabilitation


The construction of CHBCR Center includes the establishment of CR clinic, cardiovascular function evaluation room, simulated exercise training room and physical therapy room. The specific suggestions are as follows:

CR Clinic:There are separate consulting rooms, clear and fixed visiting time and CR professional doctors.
Cardiovascular Function Assessment Room:
ECG monitoring and remote management equipment:ECG, portable ECG monitoring for sports, remote cardiac rehabilitation management APP;
First aid equipment:Cardiac first aid kit and defibrillator;
Hazard assessment tools:Psychological, sleep, quality of life, diet, metabolic abnormalities and other evaluation scales, weight scales and body composition testers;
Sports endurance and sports risk assessment tools:Cardiopulmonary endurance evaluation laboratory and 6 min walking test site;
other:Blood pressure meter, stopwatch, respiratory muscle strength evaluation and training instrument, autonomic nervous function detector, multi-channel sleep monitor, heart rehabilitation database.
Simulated sports training room:The site is not required, but should be suitable for sports training to avoid falls and injuries. It can be used together with other medical land. Basic site configuration: paper and electronic health education materials, portable ECG monitoring equipment or heart rate meter and sphygmomanometer, equipped with elastic band, dumbbell, yoga mat, balance ball, respiratory muscle trainer, portable treadmill and other portable sports equipment.
Physiotherapy Room:It is an optional configuration, including external counterpulsation, low intermediate frequency therapeutic apparatus, biofeedback therapeutic apparatus, traditional Chinese medicine treatment technology and other appropriate technologies.



Standardized cardiac rehabilitation center CBCR

center-based cardiac rehabilitation Refer to 2018 Essentials of Chinese Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Guidelines


The CBCR Center is suggested to have a dedicated site of 30-60 square meters, equipped with a cardiac rehabilitation clinic, an information system for the whole process of cardiac rehabilitation, and the following classification equipment:

Functional evaluation and risk assessment tools
Infrastructure:Weight meter, grip strength meter, ruler, stopwatch, electrocardiograph, ADL evaluation scale, lifestyle evaluation questionnaire, quality of life and psychological evaluation scale, exercise test (treadmill or treadmill) or 6-minute walk test.
High standard equipment:Cardiopulmonary exercise test (treadmill or treadmill), muscle force balance evaluation equipment, ECG monitoring equipment outside the sports rehabilitation hospital, body fat meter and body composition analyzer.
Common equipment for exercise therapy
Infrastructure:Yoga mats, foot pedals, dumbbells, sandbags, elastic belts, balance balls, power bikes and treadmills for training.
High standard equipment:In hospital sports software management system, upper and lower limb muscle strength training equipment, balance training instrument, simulated sports training instrument, spa equipment, etc
Cardiac rehabilitation first-aid equipment
Infrastructure:Cardiac defibrillator, sphygmomanometer, first-aid medicine, oxygen supply facilities, electrocardiograph and heart rate meter
High standard equipment:Exercise ECG monitor and portable monitoring equipment



Digital cardiopulmonary rehabilitation outside hospital

Out of hospital is the main battlefield for the rehabilitation of patients with cardio pulmonary diseases. How to continue and effectively manage the patients outside the hospital has always been a clinical problem. In this scheme, it is recommended to use convenient information clients that are more suitable for patients to use outside the hospital, low-cost Internet of Things intelligent monitoring devices, and cloud platforms that can store and analyze big data to establish a bridge between doctors and patients, change the status quo of patients leaving the hospital immediately and expand the monitoring scope of doctors on patient health management. Doctors can formulate personalized rehabilitation prescriptions for patients who have been rehabilitated outside the hospital according to their in hospital rehabilitation situation and disease development degree, including five prescriptions: medication, exercise, smoking cessation, nutrition and psychology. They can check the implementation progress of patients' prescriptions at any time, evaluate the condition in stages, and evaluate the rehabilitation effect quantitatively. If necessary, they can conduct online intervention or communicate with patients to adjust the rehabilitation plan.